combi boiler Promax combi ag+ bloody shitty think it's pretty good I just fixed a bit of it but we've now got central heating on and hot water and no ignition right no idea so I've got to come apart and the screw this screw underneath here and then this panel number will just lift straight off okay you get to the thermonuclear reactor you want to turn off your mains so it's dead under this screw and that's true slightly so just on doing this to little bit nothing too much and then this panel stall that firstly and this panel just slide up I give up undo these two screws totally don't let one panel doctor zip up screws on the floor under the cooker and you'll never find them again push them out I'll be down these two screws out here slide same thing there are two pins up here's a pin they're sliding off to reveal they're very small and the small as a thermostat pop that is the central heating overrides hot-water thermostat that and this one here is the so the small one which we're going to change the central heating temperature sensor and the other one is the safety thermostat okay there's a little tab see a little tab on the top just lift that up and then pull the wires okay there you go one way okay ease out where you go that is a 13 mil I mean it's a socket like a bra might get stand on it I'm microphone and look for a socket also cuz we're amateurs just to be ultra safe make sure you turn your water off okay so that one's off just turn them off and you can't go wrong there you go all those three there that's all three off you're going to get some residual water anyway so I was going to get a socket get female socket just loosen it and watch did it now what I'm going to do and undo it my fingers okay it pisses out water I'll just take my finger over it with the other one forget them as the other one this is a trouble immediate what's your name go back yet yes no no water what the hell's on life Muffy just a sentence it's in there okay there's no water okay that's white then come with a washer it's ACMA so it must be you must see it sit in a housing that's what it's doing that was even easier than all the pockets and everything ready that's like a frigging time which ones that thing that's the new one that one I'm putting in now is 17 and 18 so put this back on again it can only go on one way and that's if you can see can you see that as a little clip there's a little thing there and that hits it so lets it upside down it goes in that way there that's it so we'll give it a look it with a run and AH that was recording it's recording now yeah there's no reason to turn the water off but we didn't know that so turn all the taps back on Peppa Pig okay power back on just to switch potential eating wait to see rounds temperatures rising and one before this just kept rising I'm just going I'm just going to put the clock the other stuff okay you're on the rapid nothing's happened to the world Illingworth is so what happened before was we got domestic hot water and it ignited no problem whatsoever but for the central heating it ran for about 30 seconds and it reached a temperature of 90 degrees and all tightly shut down that sound like a sensor was eight bro has done this now but we got an override the central heating system if we can get it going the other thing to do is we're not too sure the whole system on here if you turn this we will do now okay for five ten seconds it resets the system see what happens right will essentially chin yet yet white okay – I'm essentially – KitchenAid it does it again I'm not too sure is it might be the thermostat not change this one night that comes exactly reason too quick and then this will drag shut off she's not fired up b-but with a funny pressure is connect again that failed sister huff bollocks okay I'm gonna go change I gotta add water no no water okay there is we're gonna be a Miss it's electrical I don't know this is just it's all this is look of it don't drop the bloody screen there yeah right this is just ms sensor essential eating alright so this is what we just got so I'll try that one there to share comes apart okay you pass the other one Jake look at it okay so you have a new one McCain did you know which way round I don't think makes a difference okay back in okay oh yeah that was what the hell doesn't work I have to ring Neil – Kim you DePalma mate get the hot water my right hand on the golf finish is a reset it right but in four seconds let's chase that again go back and change both sensors now yeah little Armani mmm mmm your batteries paused a your lights no yeah we shall put the batteries in just yeah okay I just change the batteries just think if that's it I'm going to go bloody blind right we're mad okay sir we go thought that symbols on ripped 27 1/2 and she runs okay 3990 Thanks there it goes stung yet graceful burning that says it's too honestly it's got a good yeah but the green lights still on yeah they might be right no it's not we've got no we got the ignition and no plates I still yeah what's it gonna let them

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