Ideal Logic F1 Fault How To Repair your combi boiler

my name is Allen Hart today I'm
just an ideal object with low water pressure so if you get an F 1 fault on
an idea of logic I'm just going to show you how to top it off how to fill it up
how to repressurize it so if you ever look up from there it's
showing f1 there's a pilot fall now I've taken the case off on this boiler just
because it makes easier for me to show you pressure gauge so pressure gauge is
there so if you see on there it's on zero on there down there zero and it
wants to be up to that black line there so what you've got to bear in mind is
when you fill this up please not to put too much pressure in and you see all
these valves this one there's the other one for gas and then these ones are back
here dr. Jim leave them alone so these these here are the only ones that you
need to torture so I'm going splain what happens so your system is sealed I never
know and again elite top it up a more water putting it so what we've got here
this pipe here's the cold water means so actually called fat coming in and then
when you open this pipe here this one it'll allow water into there and round
this thing around this flexible pipe here and two there so now that that
still turned off and as we open this here as I turn this now eliminate this
pressure gage will start to go up and then that F wonderful will go off but as
I said you need to be very careful to do this slowly because you don't want to
put too much pressure in so I'm gonna do it slowly and I thought if you can hear
that but what is now going into system and as we're doing that that pressure
gauge that is going up so money opened it a little bit just what demonstrations
of this video so it's same FL and the gauge is going up so I'm just going to
tip up and it's a bit mark and then the vial is actually fired up so that
means fault cards gone off because pilots fired up so I'm gonna just switch
boiler off now just so we can just do it without the power on so we just above now we're gonna pay
this will drop down a little bit as we use it so turn that off boy and then
turn this one off fully so that is how you filled up your heating and there you
go so when I took power back on again see the fault codes have gone off the bottle just work now as a normal that's just kind of a little bit so
we're just here today I'm just going to do a service on this so that's how you top up full up and
repressurize your ideologic combi boiler hope that was useful thanks for watching

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